We're the Goodwins.

Brittany has experience in all aspects of the production industry. As an actor, screenwriter, songwriter, and best-selling author she has spent many years developing characters and stories for all audiences.  With a desire to leave lasting impressions and life changing decisions, Brittany has devoted her talents to positive and inspirational projects that can do just that. She is the writer and director of Secrets in the Snow (2012), Secrets in the Fall (2015), If You’re Gone (2018) and the upcoming faith-based suspense film Be Still & Know (2019). Her films have received the highest praise of 5/5 Doves from The Dove Foundation along with rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. In 2017 her debut novel, If You’re Gone, became a #1 best-seller in it’s categories on Amazon and went on to become a 2017 Official Nominee for The Christy Award. She recently played a supporting role in Dave Christiano’s film The Perfect Race, which releases in theatres April 2019.

John is a Raleigh, NC native who grew up around family, art and baseball.  He graduated from Guilford College in Greensboro, NC, with degrees in Business and Visual Arts prior to meeting his future wife, Brittany. John has since learned to lend his skills to a whole new kind of art, while handling the business side of filmmaking. His photography is used for promotional materials, film stills and more.

Our Mission

We strive to create wholesome, quality, family-friendly films for children and adults of all ages.  Our projects are Faith-based, thought provoking and meant to inspire.  You will never find language, violence or questionable content in our films, and can trust the content that your children are watching.

Our Vision

Children and teens today are exposed to so much media with questionable messages, and we wish to give them another option. Our goal is to create films that youth want to watch and also inspires them and helps shape their personalities.