'Secrets in the Fall' Represented by Fairview Productions

After our soft release of ‘Secrets in the Fall’ in October 2013, we took to the streets in search of distributors and film representatives to bring the film to mass media markets.  After extensive searches and inquiries, we have landed on David Murphy of Fairview Productions out of Sherman Oaks, CA.  As producer’s representative, David will be working with us on packaging  and also promoting the film to national and global sales outlets.  He is currently sharing the film at the 2014 Festival de Cannes in France.  

David is very excited about ‘Secrets in the Fall’ and its potential for success.  He says, “I was looking for a high-quality faith-based film for representation...and I was very happy when ‘Secrets in the Fall’ came across my desk.”  He was able to relate to the nostalgic camp atmosphere and the common issues the teens deal with on the retreat.  With “very high production values and great performances by the actors,” he thinks this film is well-poised to get strong responses from teen and parent audiences alike.  

David has an extensive background in film and digital media of over 15 years and we are very excited about having him represent the film.