Spaceship Days 'December' Official Music Video Launches

END Pictures and Spaceship Days blew up the Twitter-sphere last night during the world premiere of the indie rock band's new music video on WWIR Radio - All Indie, All the Time.  The 'December' video was unveiled at 7pm on WWIR's website and the views started pouring in!  We received a lot of great responses from viewers all over the nation, including a gentlemen from Canada who chimed in for the program.

Mark Lamdanski (co-owner/founder) of WWIR also had John & Brittany Goodwin from END Pictures on the air to talk about the shoot, making family-friendly films and the plan for any other seasons of 'Secrets' films.  You can check out the entire interview at the here (you can skip to 11 minute mark):

You can get your copy of the soundtrack and 'Secrets in the Fall' DVD at our SHOP page or Amazon (DVD: -- Soundtrack:

If you do get a chance to check out the music video, soundtrack and/or film, let us know what you thought by reviewing us online, Like-ing us, or commenting on our media.  We would love to hear from you!