Official Cast Announced for "If You're Gone"

After scouring the ends of the casting universe and wading through over 3,000 submissions, we finally have major news to share with the ENDP community - the actors who will be starring in our latest feature IF YOU'RE GONE.

Masey McLain as Lillian White



Masey McLain is best known for her role in I’m Not Ashamed (2016) as Rachel Joy Scott, the first student killed in the Columbine High School shooting in 1999.  McLain is also known for her performances in Christine (2016) and the recently-completed Because of Grácia (2017).

Desiree Ross as Anna Redmond

The role of Anna Redmond, Lillian’s lifelong friend that encourages her to move on during Brad’s disappearance, will be played by Desiree Ross who currently stars in the Oprah Winfrey Network’s (OWN) original drama series Greenleaf.  Ross will be reuniting with the ENDP production team after having played the role of Katie in Secrets in the Fall.  She is also known for her roles in A Country Christmas Story (2013) with Dolly Parton and the TNT television series Falling Skies.

Ben Davies as Michael Lizardo

Photo by Greg Perrow

Photo by Greg Perrow

Ben Davies, who co-starred with McLain in I’m Not Ashamed, will be playing the role of Michael Lizardo, a shady character who had a falling-out with Brad and proves to be a hurdle for Lillian in finding her missing boyfriend.  Best known for his roles as David Thomson in Courageous (2011) and Shaw 408 in Rumors of Wars (2014), Davies has become a household name in Christian media and will be a tremendous on-screen presence alongside McLain.

Burgess Jenkins as Detective Padron

Rounding out the talent lineup is former The Young and the Restless and Army Wives star Burgess Jenkins, who will be playing the role of Detective Padron.  Jenkins is also known for his roles in Nashville, One Tree Hill and Remember the Titans.

and introducing...

Oscar Mansky as Brad Lee

Introducing new-to-the-scene Michigan-native, Oscar Mansky, who will be playing the role of Lillian's mysterious love interest, Brad Lee.