ENDP partners with Shoreline Entertainment for distribution

We are proud to announce our recent partnership with Shoreline Entertainment to distribute our latest film Secrets in the Fall, a faith-based drama about campers on a youth retreat who encounter challenges that test their faith and relationships. Fall is the sequel to the January 2013 release Secrets in the Snow, a family-friendly drama involving many of the returning cast that become trapped in their high school during an unexpected blizzard that hits the day before Christmas break .  Secrets in the Fall has a young, well-rounded cast with the likes of Kyle Kupecky (singer, formerly with Anthem Lights), David Topp (The Box, Mandy the Forgotten Christmas), Daniel Bostic (Army Wives, Crash), Hollie Shay (Secrets in the Snow, Ritual) and Aaron Michael Johnson (Social Anxiety, Secrets in the Snow).

Shoreline delivers cutting edge and critically-acclaimed entertainment across the globe, having produced more than thirty feature films and distributed hundreds more.  Founded in 1992, Shoreline films are very eclectic, ranging from cast-driven dramas and comedies to thrillers, action, horror, foreign and documentaries.  Having noticed a recent uprise in faith-based films, the company decided to extend their focus to the Christian genre, seeing great potential in the marketability of Secrets in the Fall.  

Shoreline will be marketing the film to global distribution channels including retail sales/rental areas such as LifeWay BookstoresRedbox Netflix, as well as on-demand video, and network television programming.  Post-production and marketing campaigns will begin shortly and Shoreline hopes to have the film available later this year.

To read more about Shoreline’s list of available feature films, upcoming productions or to learn more about the people at the helm, visit their website at http://www.shorelineentertainment.com.

To learn more about Secrets in the Fall, upcoming projects or find out how to get involved with one of their films, visit ENDP’s website athttp://www.everynewdaypictures.com/#!projects/c14cx.